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Fast track your insurance claim readyclaim is a simple to use application that enables you create a virtual image of your home and add contents to each room with the aid of asset icons. You can then take high resolution pictures of all your assets (including audio equipment, home furnishings, jewellery, children’s toys, artwork and clothing) and attach these to the asset icon. You can also store photographs of receipts, invoices and certificates against each asset. Don't be short changed on a claim It's a staggering statistic, but over 90% of householders would not be able to make an accurate home contents insurance claim in the event of a major fire, theft or flood to their home. On top of that, we are all under insured an average of 30% lower than the true value of our contents. Why add stress to heartbreak Imagine the devastation of coming home and finding some or all your belongings have been stolen or damaged in a flood. Or even worse, your treasured house being a few blackened walls. The last thing you need is the daunting process of weeks or months trying to recall what you had, where and when you bought it, and getting proof of purchase. readyclaim is the ideal solution to this problem. It is fun to use and a task that even your children can help you with as it is far easier to use than their computer games! Our online video will show you how easy it is at The advantages to you as an insurance policy holder are as follows: •Ensures true contents of value insured •Quick accurate claim •Smooth claim process •Easy to use •Low cost •Peace of mind

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