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Real English PreBeginner Vol.1

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★★★★★ The very best English application! ★★★★★ You will LOVE THIS App! Do you want to improve your English speaking immediately? You can, and it’s easy! This App will teach you how to speak English like a native speaker! We have developed an easy, effective and fun ways to help you speak and understand Real English. You will not learn a textbook English. This App will change the way you learn English. This is what you’ll learn . . . - Highly effective System! You’ll learn easily and quickly and be able to speak English immediately! You’ll be very fluent, confident, and will speak like a native English Speaker. This App is all about practice speaking, speaking, and speaking. - Interesting and Practical! This App is so easy to learn, interesting, straight forward and will keep you coming back for more! After the completion of this Real English App, you will not feel embarrassed to talk in english because of the following reasons . . . - learning grammar will become very easy! - you will want to show off your fluent English to your friends! - you will be comfortable speaking with a native speaker Building a Strong Foundation You will start speaking English immediately using practical words and phrases - Very practical, easy-to-follow lessons that guide and teach you the structure of English in just 20 minutes a day. - Within each lessons new vocabulary is presented in flashcard style. This allows you to learn the meaning of any unfamiliar words quickly and easily with the help of handy English translations. - Learn about the real English expression and more. - This App focuses on real everyday situations - from introducing yourself, asking about others, and talking about your interests, asking where and what are the best restaurants. - This Real English App will teach you practical vocabulary, practice speaking, workbook,and Test. - Interactive Audio lessons to help you perfect your pronunciation and teach spoken language organically This practical Real English App will teach you how to speak English immediately! You will become very confident. Speaking English will become a real joy when traveling abroad or speaking with English-speakers everywhere!

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