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Replay + Whiteboard = ReBoardReBoard: The idea of replaying what is written on the whiteboard.With the intended purpose of changing the teaching process in classrooms, this application allows users to take notes, whether it is written, drawn, or a combination of both and much more. Teachers can integrate this application in the classroom by writing lecture notes on the non-restricted canvas of the device's touchscreen. There are different marker sizes and colors to simulate a real whiteboard. There is a save and, the infamous, replay functionality which will enable educators to share their notes, diagrams, or masterpieces with the world.In turn, users can open any valid ReBoard save file and watch its replay. This is a revolutionary way to share information with the movement of going green by reducing the amount of paper used greatly by educators and students. Professors are urged to use this in conjunction with lecture slides to enhance the learning experience. The hassle of scanning documents digitally to share will be eliminated.Designed and implemented by a college student as a capstone project, I hope that this will have a great impact in today's and tomorrow's educational institutions.Features:- Whiteboard canvas with an unlimited area- Different colors and size to draw- Eraser- Save and Open files- Replay and pause- UndoPrice: FreeBy: Tai VuTen Bit Games

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