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Need an app which lets you add a recipe to your phone, email it to yourself or a friend and upload to your Facebook notes or Recipe2Go Facebook page or both all at once?Recipe2Go does just that and with ease. This might be the simplest app you have ever used. This app lets you add, edit and delete categories, recipes, ingredients and recipe steps. When you are done and satisfied with your entry you can share it with your friends either by email or by posting it on your Facebook accounts notes section. Yes! it's that easy!!!!!Some highlights include:*Registering each user to allow multiple users to use the same phone.*Adding category and recipes related to that category.*Step by step addition of recipe steps.*Editing Recipe name, Ingredients and Recipe Steps.*Deleting category, recipes and recipe steps.*Email your recipe. (Requires 3G or wi-fi)*Share on Facebook (under notes and a post about your newly added note) (Requires 3G or wi-fi)*Share with other Facebook users via the Recipe2Go public Facebook PageYour ideas, complaints, comments and praise are all equally welcome. They will all help to better the app. Give the app a shot, your feedback is awaited.

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