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DeveloperRed Lightning
Added5 years ago
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Google Rating2.9
by On October 21, 2010
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A multithreaded BitTorrent client. Download torrents directly with your phone! Download multiple torrents at once, and queue up files for later downloads. Built in search!   Warning: uses a ton of data! Unlimited data plan or WiFi only recommended! Large torrents may be slow due to device limitations.This full version offers the following advantages over the Lite version: * Multiple downloads at once * Download queueHas settings for: * Downloading only while on WiFi (including auto-resume when Wifi is reconnected!) * Downloading only while plugged in (including auto-resume when charger connected!) * Port configuration * Download location * Maximum active downloads * Maximum active connections per Torrent * Maximum active pieces per Torrent (to save memory)Broadcasts an intent when a download is finished: net.redlightning.redtorrent.COMPLETENote: Known issue with 4G, use 3G or WiFi. We are working on it!  Most 4G providers are blocking the BitTorrent protocol.

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