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Contact the Rega Operations Centre from within Switzerland or abroad and receive fast, uncomplicated emergency assistance.Rega – Rega’s Android app – is free of charge and contains everything that is necessary to call out Swiss Air-Rescue in the event of an emergency. This application has the following functions:• Contact the Rega Operations Centre, from within Switzerland or abroad, in the event of an emergency; on raising the alarm, your current position will automatically be transmitted.• Ensure that the alarm function is working properly from your current position using the test function. • Determine the coordinates of your current position, or of any location on the map, in three different formats. • Display your current position on the map. • Record useful information that could be of help to our Operations Centre in the event of an emergency. • Find out what action you should take in the event of a medical emergency in Switzerland or abroad. • Become a Rega patron. Your donation will help us to provide the best possible service at all times – perhaps even one day for you.• Choose from four language versions (German, English, French, Italian).Important information/ Tips:• Place the Rega icon on the first page of your Android home screen for instant access.• Once the data has been successfully transmitted, the Operations Centre will automatically be contacted. Only after you have spoken to the Operations Centre by telephone can a rescue be initiated.• After installing your Rega app for the first time, open the application, accept the Terms of Use and enter your personal data (mobile phone number, first name, surname, etc.). This will save time when you need to raise the alarm. • Enable the Location Services function in your phone settings.• The Location Services function will only work if the signal can be received (GPS, WLAN, mobile phone network).• The correct network configuration is imperative. Ask your provider for details (APN settings).• Regular use of the Location Services function can help your current position to be displayed more swiftly. • Telephone calls cannot be made without a SIM card. • If the SIM card is blocked, only the European emergency number 112 can be called.• When raising the alarm, always do so outside (for better signal reception).• If possible, when raising the alarm, shield the telephone microphone from the wind. • Android Version: 2.1. or higher required.About Rega:Swiss Air-Rescue, Rega is at your service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Whether in Switzerland or abroad, whether seriously injured or ill – you can count on swift, uncomplicated assistance by air.

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