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Remote Phone Control is a fee app that supports you remote control android phone with computer web browser (IE, FireFox or others). Please confirm network connection works well before making remote control.1. Click "start server" to get a URL.2. You can open the URL in your phone web browser.3. 3rd-part VNC viewer can connect it via ip:5901.4. Use http://ip:3389 in browser can connect it via ip: 3389.Control Way:Double click ALT button below to enable keyboard control.Phone buttons support: Home, Back, Menu and End buttonsKey Maps (Android :win)Home:home Back: esc Menu: F1 End: endKey Maps (Android : MAC)Home: fn-left Back: esc Menu: fn-upApp Note:— It only support ROOTED phone— WEB Browsers support IE, FireFox, or other Java Applet enabled browsers.— If you can not see applet below, please install java plugin at first.Do you what to install other apps developed by our company? Press ABOUT, you can download all for free!Do you what to prolong screen active time? Click SETTING to active screen.If your phone have "compatibility issue", please send me email and we hope can solve for you. If we failed, you have to uninstall this app! Sorry to waste your time.Hope you can use it to make remote control to phone with computer browser. With this app on phone, you can control phone without link of USB.———————-Must Known———————————————————~~~Ad statement: Everyone can install this android app to phone without paying. To keep software free, we cooperate with othercompany and allow add some icon advertisements or notification ads. Hope you can understand us.~~~Any issues you find, can send me email.~~~After active with SCREEN, you should deactivate first (deactivate in location&security>select administrators)and then uninstall or you can not uninstall successfully!——————————————————————————–

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