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Remote Release allows you to "remote release" your Canon EOS DSLR from your Android device with only a USB cable. *** PLEASE READ THE ENTIRE DESCRIPTION ****** IF YOUR DEVICE IS NOT COMPATIBLE THIS IS NOT MY OR THE SOFTWARES FAULT - YOUR PHONE IS MISSING NEEDED SOFTWARE OR HARDWARE ! ***Remote releasing is using a remote control to activate the shutter of the camera. This is to prevent shaking the camera, and is often used with bulb shots and/or tripods.This app is the little (free) brother of DSLR Controller; see and Remote Release also has a discussion thread on Features ----- Activate the camera's shutter button from your phone over USB, just like using a remote release cable- Enable/Disable Auto-Focus *- Support for bulb shots (hold shutter button) *- Support for continuous shooting (hold shutter button) ** Depends on camera model. Requires a DryOS based camera. See DSLR Controller's device compatibility page ( )---- Requirements ----- An Android device with an ARMv7-A or newer CPU architecture (virtually all 1ghz+ devices)- Not rooted: Android 3.1 or higher with USB host kernel+API support **- Rooted: Android 2.3.1 or higher with USB host kernel support **- Supported Canon EOS DSLR- The correct USB adapter, if applicable** USB host kernel support can usually be determined by connecting a USB stick to your device, and seeing if the device recognizes it.---- Devices ----The following devices are known to be compatible:- Samsung Galaxy S2 and Note, USB host cable--- Android 2.x: root required--- Android 4.x: no root required- Motorola Xoom, USB host cable--- 3.1: unknown--- 3.2: no root- Acer Iconia A500- Asus Transformer, keyboard dock or USB adapter- Toshiba Thrive- Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9", 10.1", 10.1v, USB adapter--- 3.0: unknown--- 3.1: no root- Lenovo Thinkpad- B&N Nook Color--- CM 7, Nook Color Tweaks, memory limit mod, USB host cablePlease see DSLR Controller's supported devices page ( ) for further device compatibility information.----- Usage ------- Getting started --- Install the application.- Connect your camera to the phone/tablet, and turn it on. Half-press the shutter button if it was already on.- If a popup comes up that offers to open Remote Release, press it, and move on to "Operation" below.- If a popup does not come up, manually start Remote Release. A Superuser popup should appear, click allow. If this took more than a few seconds, Remote Release will complain it cannot find a camera, regardless if you have one connected or not. Exit the app, half-press the shutter button on the camera, then restart the app.- If a popup appears that tells you your device is not compatible, this is the end of the line for you.-- Operation --After you have connected your camera and started the app, the app will show you the following:- Camera model- Current shutter setting (depending on camera mode)- Current aperture setting (depending on camera mode)- Current ISO setting (depending on camera mode)- Current drive mode settingBelow that you will see three buttons:- Auto-Focus button- Shutter button- Button to open DSLR Controller in the MarketIf your lens is set to Auto-Focus and you are using a DryOS based camera, you can use the Auto-Focus button to select if focusing is triggered by pressing the shutter button. By default it is, but it is not always desired. If your lens is set to Manual-Focus, this setting has no effect.Pressing the shutter button will take a picture on your camera. If the camera is set to bulb mode or to continuous shooting, press-and-hold the shutter button - the bulb/continuous capture will stop once you remove your finger from the screen.

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