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by On March 18, 2011
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The Repetition Calculator allows you to calculate your 1 rep max!  More useful however, is its ability to convert between poundages over a variety of repetition ranges.For example, maybe your bodybuilding routine consists of three cycles, one for strength, one for size and one for endurance (low, medium and high reps).  This calculator will allow you to jump from one cycle to the next and predict your starting effective weight.  Use the most effective weight from the start.Also, useful is the ability to compare strength with others at the gym without changing your own routine.  If you can bench 90kg for 6 reps and you see someone else benching 80kgs for 10 reps you will know from this app, that you are approximately equal in strength.Upper and lower body musculature and leverages are different.  They are treated differently by this application.  Different formulas are used for both upper and lower body exercises.Oh, and you can also use it to calculate your one rep max!Note: It does not matter if you work in kilos or pounds - this application will work with both!PRO VERSION AVAILABLEMore features are available in the professional version such as:* No adverts* Contiguous reps* Repetition Percentages * Weight Percentages* Target Percentages* Adjustable text sizes* Landscape mode* Remembers last state

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