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* a heads up for active users *re:Stacks is being redesigned from the ground up (for Android 2.2+) over the next few months hopefully!feature aims:- adherence post-Android 4.0 design guidelines (tablet support, swanky ActionBar, subtle animations)- *attempt* to add sync functionality (via DropBox) (still no toaster sync)- alerts in notification bar for a new style of recurring task- see "all tasks" activity, perhaps with expand/hide functionality- move nodes- link nodes (i.e. have a list of related entries you can link to)- simplify priority managementThe risk is a database wipe if you currently have re:Stacks installed, but I'm also working on migrating existing databases if possible. Because core functionality is being changed, some things will definitely not make it through as-is (priority, I'm looking at you).--------re:Stacks is an infinitely nesting complex task manager. Most to-do lists let you define a task, and some allow subtasks; this gives all the control to you to define your tasks in as much, or as little, detail as you need.This isn't one of those feature-bloated apps where you can sync between your phone and toaster; it hasn't got alarm functionality and it can't shoot lasers; this is a bare-bones GTD app for people that want to get things done. This is re:Stacks.--Please use the feedback function (Menu > Help > Menu > Feedback) to report bugs BEFORE you rate; this app is under heavy development and we'll get back to you asap. Use this feature to request more functionality - we'll respond to each email individually as early as we can.--Other apps which have a similar functionality but don't give you as much freedom to define list sequences include:astrid, gtd, taskos, got to do, watodo, workflowy, ultimate to-do list, remember the milk, shuffle, action complete.

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