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"Rethink is a strong organization app that’s great for setting reminders and to-dos in an elegant way". The Washington Post.** As seen on All About Android **** best android App of the week **** Featured as the Guardian’s App of the week **** Discount for new release ! 40% off **** Now Supporting Tablets ** Rethink is a revolutionary way of keeping track of your tasks. Unlike traditional task and to-do lists, Rethink introduces a new perspective of doing things by allowing you to create context-specific tasks! You are no longer bound by time alone when specifying the details of a task. Rethink gives you the ability to set various triggers that get activated just in the right moment and only in the right context so you can be more productive! You can be reminded of a task when you arrive at a particular location, contact or get contacted by someone (phone calls and text messages included), connect to a specific Wi-Fi network or when the right time comes. This way you can take your mind off the details and focus on what is really important to you.*Need to buy some milk? Set a trigger to your local grocery and Rethinkwill remind you whenever you get close by. *You have some important information to mention next time you are in contact with a friend?Rethink will remind you when you receive or send SMS messages or phonecalls to any specific contact tied to a task. *You need to download important files next time you’re on your university or company’snetwork? Rethink will remind you of that. These are just simple examples of the possibilities Rethink gives for more productivity.Features:- Trigger based task reminding including: time and date, location,contact and network.- Multiple triggers for any task: you can combine more than one trigger for any task to always be on track of your tasks.-Trigger free tasks: for when you just need to write something down.- Synchronizing tasks with defined time and date with your default calendar- Color coding tasks to define your own priorities- Customizable order of the tasks- Minimalist, easy to use interface.- Support for multiple languages: English, العربية, Polski, 한국의, 日本人, Français

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