Become The Revolutionizer!Your fruits are all messed up. Put them in their correct plates.As a Revolutionizer your job is to perform revolutions – a.k.a. rotations. Organize the shuffled fruits to their correct plates. A fruit needs to be on a plate with a matching colour: a blueberry goes to a blue plate, a lemon goes to a yellow plate and so on.The game is an innovative mixture of Rubik’s cube, sliding puzzles and colour matching.Spend fewer moves on solving a puzzle in order to receive a higher score.The game contains a selection of puzzles of varying difficulty. Start with the easy ones and progress to the more challenging puzzles as your skills develop. More puzzles will be added to the game in future updates.Want to see what the game is about before purchasing? Try out the demo version! It’s completely free (of ads too)! permission is required for collecting analytics data. This data is collected in order to enhance the game. The data is aggregated and it doesn’t identify the user in any way.

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