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Waking up in Africa, distant tribal songs filling the air ... and your heart feels the need of beating in harmony with a certain song.A rhythm that your thumbs follow in a mechanical, hypnotical way, with a flow of screen touches that you are not even noticing ...Because all your senses are into the game.------ Highlights ------- Feel the beat, follow the rhythm. Easy and challenging, touching and hypnotical.- Play the djembé through 10 amazing levels.- African voices and tribal magical chorus and rhythms.- Simple but skillfull "screen touching" arcade game about feeling and following a rhythm.Enjoy it, and keep your thumbs moving.- It´s not a complex, hard to play, full of rules game.Let Rhythmic Thumbs take you right into the music, full into the action.--------- Gameplay ---------The main differences from other music games :- It´s focused on following a rhythm, not on “hitting” narrow screen areas .At Rhythmic Thumbs you can touch either the left or right side of the screen with your thumbs.You won´t miss a hit by “1 pixel” or focus on “where to touch now”.It´s all about timing and rhythm.- It´s more “arcade”. There are 10 levels. You have to successfully finish the current level to unblock the next one. Easy, straightforward, challenging and rewarding.Will you be able to finish the game ? .- There is a clear, controlled and tested difficulty progression into the game.The 10 levels included are made to be lineal ( played one after the other ). The first levels are very easy and casual to play, but the last ones are fast and super challenging.You will learn while playing.- The gameplay is focused at the level rhythms and beats, that sound right when - and only if - you hit the drums.It’s not about hitting some spheres representing "music notes" almost undistinguished into the song.Here you play the full rhythm with your thumbs.You can even make slight timing variations if you keep the rhythm.- It has a great game control for Ipad. You can hold the Ipad with both hands and use your thumbs to touch the screen “sides”. There is no need of touching the screen center or using your fingers.It´s easy and confortable.Finally a game where you can focus on the rhythm.

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