Discover awesome stuff.Get RingAd to discover new stuff like ringtones, songs, wallpapers, quizzes and get rewarded with discount coupons, value coupons and cash instantly.++ How it works? ++RingAd is an attempt to make it easier to find new and exciting stuff like ringtones, songs, wallpapers, information and more. It works like this -1. You choose category of your interest from available categories such as bollywood, hollywood, sports etc.2. There are stuff like ringtones or quiz, once you complete the quiz or download the ringtone, you get the corresponding discount coupon instantly. 3.Use Coupon codes you got in your profile section to shop on websites and get discounts.4.We would be adding more and more tasks and more rewards in coming weeks, stay tuned.+ Other Features +1. Automatic ringtones -RingAd can play random ringtones automatically based upon your choice of category. We call it cloud based ringtones.2. Make ringtonesRecord ringtones from your voice, add background music and share with your friends on facebook and RingAd community.RingAd is currently in Beta, please report any bugs if you find.Join RingAd facebook group to discuss about RingAd -https://www.facebook.com/groups/385614118136272/RingAd is powered by Socialize

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