A music rhythm game that uses your OWN music.FEATURES:- Minimalistic Interface- Tapping based rhythm levels- Use your own music- Easily create your own levels for any song- Custom colors- User account / Profile system- Upload your levels online- Global Leaderboards**PLACE SONGS IN "RingSync" FOLDER ON SDCARD**This game is still in beta, but mostly everything works. This game is recommended for high-end phones, low-end phone will suffer from some lag depending on it’s speed.Who needs memory based games? Improve your hand-eye coordination skills by playing and creating levels for all of your songs without memorizing each level.Like Stepmania? DDR? In the Groove? or Osu! ? Then you might like this game.TO DO:- Add local score keeping- Add liking system for user created levels- Allow level uploads of any local levels- Add a couple more level mechanics

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