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Have you already smashed all the bad pigs in Angry Birds Rio? Or have you already sliced all the fruits in Fruit Ninja? Are you sick and tired of yet another tacky clone based on top rated game? If so, then time has come to hit the Rocket Craze! You will definitely enjoy this game!Launch your own built rocket into the space and fly as high as you can and up to the Moon! Help your country become the dominant power on the Moon by landing several times on its surface. Compete with your friends for the best time in the voyage to the Moon. Use your abilities to manoeuvre between obstacles and your strategic skills while upgrading rocket's components. Remember that without those improvements you will have a hard time flying anywhere near but the ground!Astronaut, are you ready? 3... 2... 1... lift off!Requirements ★★★★★:✔ accelerometer✔ GPU processor✔ Android 2.2+Features ★★★★★:✔ Suitable for kids as well as adults✔ Works both on phones and tablets✔ Simple and amazing 2D graphics✔ Compete with your friends for the best flight times✔ Unlocking rocket components with coins or free Tapjoy's Rocket Points✔ Available only on Android!Reviews ★★★★★:"Rocket craze hit Best rocket game ever""Great simple free game. Looking for something rocket related for my son, and this fits the bill. Nice progression of upgrades to keep the interest of the young one.""Good game A lot of these games have been kinda boring lately, but this is creative & fun. 5 stars""So addicting.... Both my three year old son and I are stick pin this game. Very entertaining to pass the time.""This is so much fun me and,my friend have played it for hours!!!""Houston, We Have An Addiction. Funnest app I've downloaded in a long time. Definet keeper. "To Infinity and Beyond!""

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