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Help the ball of "Rollway Puzzle" to find the way out of each level! To do so, solve the riddles and use your dexterity to escape your enemies without falling.Tilt your device to roll the ball. Each level has to be finished in limited time. If time has run out or there are no balls left, you have to start the level again from the beginning.22 fun and colorful levels and more to come.Ideal for short challenging game sequences."There's a pretty good mix of level designs that range from simple to just plain tricky, which adds to the game's overall learning curve." ... "The whistles and the mellow-sounding vibes along with the mild rock-inspired music are all great and they suit the clean gameplay." Wiiloveit : 23/30 ("Get it" on IGN DSiWare previews"There's a pretty good amount of variety in levels – some are a bit of a race against timed switches, others require some exploration or avoidance and discovering hidden routes."Nintendolife : 7/10(

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