Rose of Love Wallpapers


Rose, in the language of flower or sometimes called floriography, has the meaning of love. Roses come in a variety of shapes and colors. But they are all beautiful in their own way. Do you want to have a taste of love on your phone? Get Rose of love Wallpapers and you can have this romantic flower on your screen on the time.Roses of different colors bear different meanings:Red – Love and RomanceRed rose represents true love. This is the universal symbol appeared throughout history and across cultures.Pink – AppreciationThe elegant pink roses are a symbol of appreciation and thanks. Pink also has a connection with sweetness and romance.Yellow – FriendshipYellow rose is the best choice for cheering people up as the yellow color is full of energy and associated with the sun. It gives the feeling of joy and delight.White – Purity, SpiritualityWhite rose represents true love. It is also associated with honor and reverence, which is very often used in funeral for a departed one. Use it carefully!Purple – Love at First SightPurple rose is traditional associated with royalty. It also means the love at first sight.Here we bring you the best collection of 72 rose wallpapers.

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