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The FREE virtual Game cum App integrates Google world map as the landing page which features 300+ virtual routes clustered across different regions. More than 8 categories and 29 sub-categories to choose from and subsequently corroborated with map routes around the world, Street View imagery, Points of Interest, corresponding videos, Images, and related Wiki articles. In short a wealth of information about the places around the route you would love to know, share and view. This app has just come to Android after successful stint of 8000+ downloads on iOS platform. This virtual world explorer will give a surreal experience like a real travel. The preview can serve as a trip planner for an enthusiastic tourist. Features:* Map based Navigation for Routes* Street View while going through Routes* Share your trips with your friends* Listen to your favorite tracks while traveling virtually* Detailed information, Videos related to the place you are visiting* Many Pit-stops to choose* Find Traffic, weather updates in Realtime basisRouteIt is incredible world explorer. Want a travel guide for USA? It will take you in all US states, from Texas to Florida, Illinois or Ohio. Get lost in a US city: from New York to Los Angeles by Chicago, Washington or Houston, You live in UK, Scotland or Ireland? Discover London, Birmingham, Dublin or Leeds like never before! Any travel to Canada? Toronto, Montréal, Calgary or Ottawa! The same in Australia, should you be in Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane! A travel to Europe ? From Paris in France to Roma in Italia, or Madrid in Spain.Become a fan for latest news & more: us on: up at :

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