Router Kambu Free


★★ Game Guide ★★Find the shortest route without overlapping same colors to solve this brain teaser.The shorter the route, higher the points!Your rank is indicated with the number of Stars each time a stage is cleared. One Star is earned for every perfectly cleared stage. Hint is enabled when you have 5 or more Stars.Use as many Star Points as possible and post your final score after completing the last stage.Compare your score with other players’ scores. ★★ Game Content ★★Enjoy 5 Chapters of fun-packed stages free of charge.Additional Chapters are available.Each Chapter is unlocked by scoring 100 or more points than the previous Chapter.This game is based on PCB Design Artwork.Consider yourself to be talented in PCB Design if you cleared all stages perfectly.Thank you.★★ App inquiry ★★For payment error and problems pertaining to app (★ keyword블루핀,bluepin,smeiland,Router Kambu,RouterKambu,Puzzle game,Tetris,Brain,Games,Defense game,Bingo game,

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