RPG Live Wallpaper


A classic role playing game on your home screen! RPG Live Wallpaper is a homage to classic RPGs I loved in my youth – Final Fantasy and Dragon Warrior (now known as Dragon Quest.)In those great games you had a character that wandered through forests, mountains, deserts, and dungeons to complete an epic quest – all while facing monsters every step of the way.I wanted to capture that feel in a live wallpaper. In this RPG, your character wanders over an infinite world battling monsters and leveling up along the way. As he gains levels, he’ll encounter new monsters. Each new encounter creates an entry in the bestiary (visible on the settings screen.)Direct your hero around the map by touching the screen. If left alone, he’ll wander about on his own.If your hero reaches the maximum level, he’ll start back over at 1 but the bestiary entries will remain. SHORT HISTORY EXPOSITION:When I was little, after constant badgering, my dad drove me 40 minutes to pick up Dragon Warrior for my NES. I remember him cautioning me on the way home, "You’d better not finish this game in one day…" The game was expensive, certainly, and I’d usually finish them quickly and toss them aside. This was different. It had substance.Since I played it for weeks on end, I had a less difficult time convincing him to buy my second love: Final Fantasy.FUTURE DEVELOPMENT:I wanted to make this larger, but decided to see if there was interest before committing to it. I was thinking more interaction, dungeons, shops, more party members and so on. If you enjoy this, shoot me an email! I’ll see about expanding it. Thanks and enjoy!Special thanks to Toriaka for the monster and background illustrations.

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