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A game master role playing tool for games like D&D, DSA, GURPS etc.This is the free version for those countries where you can't buy from android market.IF YOU FIND BUGS OR MISS FUNCTIONALITY PLEASE SEND ME AN EMAIL. I really appreciate your feedback.* Helps you keep track of the essential stats of characters and monsters while leading a role playing game.* Not meant to replace your pen&papers but to have a quick view on stats while handling fights.* Multiple role playing groups possible.* Monsters can be grouped in advance in encounters for later use.* Maps can be imported and fitted with fog-of-war and displayed on another device over WIFI. (No map editing though apart from placing markers for characters / monsters.)PLEASE find many hidden features under the application menu.Use the brand new web site with forums and documentation.Permissions: READ_PHONE_STATE to verify license data. INTERNET for map feature. WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE for import/export of attribute sets.v1.28-New option: Themes for fore-/background.-Bug fix for distorted maps.-Bug fix for wrong link to app store.-Bug fix going back rotation on ICS.v1.27-Minor update: Portraits for characters/monsters.v1.26-GUI-Update for Android >= 3.0-Nightly regeneration for whole character group at once.-Free form JavaScript evaluation in character attributes!v1.25-Improved Map.v1.24-Removed annoying "Pirated version" hint.-Updated and extended help.-Improved experience for first use of map page.-Updated menu icons.v1.23 Bug fix.v1.22 Map symbols finished (for now).v1.21 Signature Bug. Map symbols (not finished)v1.20 Zoom/Pan map.v1.19 Bug fix for IP6.v1.18 Free version for countries without Android Market.v1.17 Import/export data base. Bug fixes.v1.16 Free version for countries without Android Market.v1.15 Characters/monsters now deletable. Minor fixes.v1.14 Free version for countries without Android Market.v1.13 Quick fix for character/monster generation.v1.12 Free version for countries without Android Market.v1.11 Character Attributes made customizable. Fixed wrong image resize in map. Fixed OutOfMemory bug in map. Fixed loading of images in map list. Russian localization.v1.10 Fix for missing internet permission in lite version.v1.9 Hotfix for Initialisation bug in map.v1.8 Free version for countries without Android Market updated.v1.7 Fixed Portrait/Landscape Bug. Maps with fog-of-war. Added help pages.v1.6 Fixed some bugs in free version.v1.5 Free version for countries without Android Market.v1.4 Bug fix for session notes.v1.3 Some cosmetics.v1.2 Added: Take notes for your playing sessions.

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