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**** is currently undergoing major changes. As a result, you may experience problems with Grand Exchange. If this happens, try using Grand Exchange a little later- it’s probably not the app’s fault, it’s the website’s. This app has not experienced Grand Exchange bugs until very recently.****Avid Runescaper?Keep track of your Runescape Toon and Friends with Rune Tool and it’s cool features:- Account Type Selection – Free / Member- User HiScores – Runescape News- Runescape Friend Management- Adventurer’s Log- Combat Calculator (EOC)- Grand Exchange Item Lookup with prices- Access to Forum Time- One time login!- Mini Tutorial- Sync sessions (Faster loading and less data! ****Coming Soon**** – Grand Exchange Watch List and price graphs- Custom resync and GE settings- Ability to share New’s Items on Social Networks.- Compare HiScores with friend management tool- Better handling of deleting friends/watch list items- World map – Bestiary Lookup – will be released asap.Please contact me at for suggestions, ideas or even corrections!And feel free to add me in the world of Runescape – darkravedevDisclaimer – Some Icons, Images, Logo’s and Loading Screens are a Trademark of Runescape and belong to Jagex Ltd. Please access "Info" to view a graphical Disclaimer, in the application.

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