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Running Playlists is the best source for music for runners everywhere. SPECIAL PRICING FOR THE APP LAUNCH: THIS PRICE WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE FOR MUCH LONGER, GET THE APP TODAY! This app offers over 50 running playlists (and more playlists added soon!) for specific running events such as 5K, 10K, Half Marathon and more, or just for fun. Best of all, these playlists include a BPM (beats per minute) analysis of each song, so you can pick and choose songs that match your running style and preference. The music in each of these playlists is incredibly diverse, featuring: Rock Hip Hop R&B Pop Top 40 Oldies Alternative Metal Country Soundtrack and Musical and even Opera! The playlists are completely free once you purchase the app* and you will keep getting new playlists on an ongoing basis directly to your app when the app updates. You can use the whole playlist, or just pick and choose the songs you like out of it and add them to your collection. What you get: 5k playlists: These are fast and short, to match the pace you want for a 5k run. There are also quite a few beginner 5k playlists since this is a run many beginner runners participate in. 10k playlists: These playlists are longer than the 5k playlists and are at a slightly lower pace to match the pace you'll need for a 10k run. There are some faster playlists as well for more advanced runners. 1/2 marathon: These are the longest and slowest playlists in the app. They are designed to last you a long time and keep you going on a tough run. Just for fun: These playlists aren't designed for any specific race or distance, and they include things like a country music only playlist, an 80's music playlist and many more. * To avoid confusion: The playlists are completely free but some of the songs in them may need to be purchased (the app will refer you to amazon for easy purchase) if you don't already own them ** Another important thing to note: Some countries don't have amazon music stores. In these countries, you will not be able to access amazon and purchase songs on the list, so the app will only be able to show you recommended songs and you'll have to get them elsewhere if your country doesn't have an amazon music store.Twitter: @joggingplaylistSupport email:

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