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Instantly generate pseudo-random numbers for games of chance such as lotteries. Randomness is an advantage in certain games, but is difficult to achieve without computer assistance. By using advanced computer logic, this app gives you the potential advantage of removing the unconscious and natural human biases when guessing random numbers.The application allows the user to:- Set the quantity of numbers generated by entering a Size value. - Set the range of numbers by entering the maximum value, Max Value. The minimum value will be 1 (when the Bytes option is not set).- Set the Bytes option for a fixed range between -128 and 127. This is useful in generating numbers for encryption techniques such as SALT for obfuscation programs. Leave blank, if not needed.- Set the Ordered option for obtaining a series of numbers in ascending order and without duplicates. This is useful for some games, including lotteries. Leave blank for random ordering.- Enter an optional Lucky Charm text, such as your own or your child’s name, a birthday, etc. This will be used as a basis for generating the numbers. When a Lucky Charm is provided, the generated numbers are identical for the same set of input. However, if you leave the Lucky Charm box empty, then the generated numbers will be different for each use, regardless of whether the input stays the same.- Send the generated numbers by e-mail.We suggest that you report here your successes with the numbers from this app, including lottery wins.App © 2011 simplecode.comIcon © 2000-2010 AguaSonic Acoustics - - made from cetacean sound.

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