S2S – Secrets to Sports


S2S provides you with a complete overview of your football activities whether you are a coach, a player, a parent or an administrator. The app operates interactively with the web version of the program, which you find at www.s2s.net. With this app you have information available at any time and place: training sessions, matches, players, coaches, news, messages, photos and several other functions. If you are involved with more teams, you will get a full overview. FEATURES Activities – Calendar with time and place for matches and training sessions. – Google map directions. – Availability and registration of participation. – Reasons for absence. – Content of training sessions with videos and illustrations. – Registration of match results and statistics. News, messages and photos – News and comments. – E-mail and sms messages to groups or individuals. – Photos from matches, trainings and other activities. Members – List of players and coaches per team. – Contact via phone, e-mail or sms. – Photos of players, coaches and teams. – Statistics and log book per player.

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