Safe Backup Root


Try Safe Backup Root for complete data backup and recovery on Android devices using a simple and friendly interface.* The application requires superuser (root) permissions.Root access enables Safe Backup Root to copy data inaccessible to many similar applications:- game progress,- application data (accounts, etc.),- bookmarks and passwordsand more.As usual, you can save copies of any of your personal data, such as:- pictures,- music,- video,- ringtones,- voice memos,- applications,- contacts,- text messages,- calendars,- call logand many more…What makes Safe Backup Root different from similar applications is simplicity and a friendly interface. You do not need to figure out the settings or read a manual: it is all so intuitive!The application supports most Android phones and tablets (version 2.1 or higher).You can store any number of backups depending on how much space you have on your device

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