Sanction & Anti-Terror List


Sanction and Anti-Terror List App ("SaATLA")The SaATLA is a background check app for smartphones, which enables the user to collect and to transfer personal data or information on organisations and to the Advantage Compliance Server at dbh Logistics IT AG datacentre and to receive the check results. This app utilizes the available mobile network and a SaATLA compatible smartphone. SaATLA facilitates the compliance with the compulsory Anti-Terrorism Order to verify customer ID. The purpose of this order is to deprive terrorists and terrorist organisations access to any and all economic resources. Anyone found guilty of non-compliance with this order will be punished with tough penalties. This is a legally binding order and every accountable economic operator must make appropriate provisions, in order to pre-empt deliveries or payments to terrorists or their organisations. The SaATLA ID background check app establishes, whether a specific person or organisation is listed on any of the standard sanction lists. This app is free of charge as a trial version for a maximum of 6 weeks subsequent to download. Should the user regularly use the app on a long-term basis, the user must conclude a standard Advantage Compliance Server (

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