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Climate change is not happening by accident - the fossil fuel emissions we have been spewing out since the industrial revolution are the main cause of the problem. And emissions continue to increase at an alarming rate. The biggest sources are the power stations and factories dotted around our landscape. Since 2005 the EU has applied legal caps on emissions for these largest sources. At Sandbag we work to educate people about these caps and lobby for them to be tightened so that emissions are reduced.Carbon Geiger is to carbon emissions what the Geiger counter is to radioactivity: it lets you know when you are in the vicinity of one of the giant emitters. We have lots of data on them - exactly how much they emit each year, who owns them, and how many pollution permits they have been given that allow them to carry on. We even know where they are buying any 'carbon offsets' from to meet their targets.Carbon pollution isn't yet seen in the same light as radiation pollution but who knows one day it may be - and being able to track down who's responsible will be an important tool for civil society to demand action to stop this threat.

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