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Finally on Android! This 5-starred featured app on iPhone now comes to Android (initially as lite version) with 50 most common SAT words. Vocabulary building is now a fun activity."This app is very useful because it uses not only pictures and words but also a narration technique. Out of my at least 7 vocab apps i like this one the most. I definitely recommend."By Christopher Shepherd Sep 2010 (For our iPhone version of this app)"I learned and mastered 30+ words in 10 minutes! 100% recommended."By Rinagirl Sep 28, 2010 (For our iPhone version of this app)This premium app is a fun & effective way to learn hard SAT Words using humorous illustrations and professional narrations. As if a real teacher is teaching you meaning of every word through the use of high quality illustrations and usage sentences in his own voice.Each narration lasts less than a minute but covers the essence and core meaning of the word in multiple contexts which speeds up learning. Our multi-sensory approach allows your brain to firmly plant every word."Love how it reads the words. Took 2 weeks and I have every word memorized."By Comicgeek246 Nov 30, 2010 (For our iPhone version of this app)"Never thought pictures help memorize more words in a much shorter period of time. Very effective for the SAT verbal"By lbo2100 Nov 28, 2010 (For our iPhone version of this app)"One of the best put together vocabulary apps that I have tried. A lot of the apps out there are painfully boring but this one helps you learn quick and in a fun way."By Aggiepatten Sep 25 (For our iPhone version of this app)Don

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