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"Scan Document and Email Pro" is an application to capture any piece of paper, object or photograph and mail it instantly in pdf format. This application makes the capture sharing easy and instant, whether it is a scene to capture or it’s a hand note on a paper, just capture and mail it. You just need to point your phone camera towards the item which you want to scan, view the area on screen and take captures. It keeps your mobile device clutter free by removing the captured files once they are sent successfully. It lets you preview the captures and delete them if you don’t wish to send. All you have to do is just configure the mail settings in the application and you are good to go.Application supporting most of the devices will be available very soon.How to configure mail settings: 1. Enter the SMTP server name in the "Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP)" field.2. Enter the SMTP port number of outgoing mail server in the "Port #" field.3. Provide your email-id in the "Email-id" field, which will act as a sender as well as receiver of your outgoing mails.4. Provide the password of this email-id for authentication of the Mail Server.SMTP mail settings for popular mail servers are: GMAIL: Outgoing Mail Server: #: 465YAHOO: Outgoing Mail Server: #: 465Consult your mail service provider to get these details if you are using some other mail service.Simple Scan To Email Pro features:• Capture piece of paper, object or images.• Preview captures before sending.• Send captures via e-mail.• Delete captures after successfully sending.

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