Use ScanShot, from Pitney Bowes, to read QR Codes and most other barcodes in one app. There’s no more jumping between different apps every time you see a different kind of code. ScanShot quickly links you to all types of digital content. It will launch your mobile browser, access videos, import a contact from a vCard, display mobile coupons and access just about anything else you can think of.This app allows you to keep a history of your scans and share them via Facebook, email, SMS or other applications. You can also go to to create your own QR codes and QR marketing campaigns for free! Start connecting physical marketing to mobile devices and deliver powerful, integrated communications to promote your business. Features:1. Scans multiple barcodes including QR Codes, data matrix and 1 D2. Create QR codes 3. Share scanned QR codes 4. Hyperlink to information 5. We can access links – access links in what capacity6. Add new contacts 7. Automatically dial phone numbers from Scanned QR Note: ScanShot reads QR codes and most other barcodes, including a 1D barcode and data matrix.Key words:QR Code, pbSmart, Barcode Scanner

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