Schedule St.


"Schedule St." is a day planner application for Android. Incorporating various functions such as TO-DO lists, text memos, voice memos, photos and functions.It can be further customized just like adding refills.The integration of the TODO and Note memos allows linkage of the scheduled plan with its corresponding information. This allows you to quickly access the registered information for reference. Since the system incorporates synchronization with Google calendar, you can continue to use the schedule you have been previously using without any effort.[Functions]Day Planner-Google Calendar SyncMultiple calendar managementTodo list-Google Tasks SyncText/Photo/Voice memoMail memoThis free version has the following limitations.- Ads is displayed- Non-supportTheir limitations are unlocked by installing a paid application for "Schedule St.".[Support OS]Android OS 1.6/2.1/2.2/2.3/4.0[ELECOM Apps Web][Twitter][Facebook]

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