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Scholarley is an unofficial Android client for Mendeley; which is a free and convenient application for managing your library of academic papers (see: Scholarley has been designed for both Android phones and tablets.If you find a bug in Scholarley, or want to request a new feature, feel free to submit a ticket at; or contact me directly. However, please keep in mind that I am a full time PhD student, and Scholarley is written in my spare time; originally just for myself. Overly critical reviews and impatience are not at all motivating.Current FeaturesScholarley’s current features (★ indicates in-app upgrade is required): – Authentication with Mendeley using OAuth. – Streamlined synchronisation for even large libraries with thousands of documents. – Viewing of document details in a refined format. – Opening documents and attachments of any format provided that your Android device supports them. An external PDF viewer is required for viewing PDFs. – A convenient user interface which supports filtering documents by: – (sub-)folder – group – author (with smart deduplication) – tags (Temporarily absent since 0.9.9 due to a massive rewrite of backend). – And support for sorting documents by title, author, citation key, date of addition to library, and date of last modification. – Full offline synchronisation of your Mendeley library (including, at your option, PDFs and attachments). – Complete interface for making local changes to document metadata, with undo capability. ★ Full two-way synchronisation of document metadata. ★ Document creation and attachment upload to Mendeley. [Experimental]Upcoming Features for 0.9.9.x (1.0.0 release due by July) – Enhanced sort and search functionality. – Reinstate filtering by tags (functionality was lost due to major renovation for large libraries). – Local changes to folders (adding, deleting, and moving documents into and out of them). – Refinement of the user interface. [Ongoing]Long-term Potential Features ★ Track local changes to PDFs, such as annotations, and upload changes (this is not yet possible due to Mendeley’s Open API).RoadmapFeatures are added to Scholarley as and when the developer feels motivated to do so. Tweaks to the user interface will occur throughout the development. As a general guide, however, the development of Scholarley will follow the roadmap below. – 0.9.9.x releases will be focussed on extending support for pushing local changes to Mendeley. – 1.0.0 RC x releases will be focussed on bugfixing and (potentially) translations, if people are interested in having Scholarley available in their native tongue. – 1.0.0 will mark the first official stable release of Scholarley.SubsidisationScholarley was originally intended for my private use only. Since then, at the requests of many people, various features have been added. In order to sponsor future development, it is necessary that I find monetary remuneration. Consequently, an in-app upgrade will be required to unlock all upload and social functionality. During the early development of these features, the in-app upgrade will be available for a reduced price of AUD$4. Once I consider the features stable, the price will be $5. Viewing of your library, and local modifications to it, will always remain free.Note concerning Scholarley’s limitations:Scholarley is limited by the API offered by Mendeley, and by the lack of an inbuilt PDF viewer (which tend to be quite expensive). With that said, I commend Mendeley for the helpful correspondence I have had with them regarding new features to the API; and their readiness to assist. I look forward to the future of Mendeley.If Scholarley does not satisfy your needs, please do consider alternative Mendeley clients for Android such as Droideley and Referey.

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