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Now you can simulate physicist Erwin Schrodinger's famous thought experiment right on your Android smartphone. The thought experiment goes like this; a living cat is placed inside a steel chamber, along with a device containing a vial of hydrocyanic acid. There is also a very small amount of a virtual radioactive substance in the box. If even a single atom of the substance decays during the test period, a relay mechanism will trigger a hammer, which will, in turn, break the vial and kill the cat. The observer cannot know whether or not an atom of the substance has decayed, and consequently, cannot know whether the vial has been broken, the hydrocyanic acid released, and the cat killed. Since we cannot know, the cat is both dead and alive according to quantum law, in a superposition of states. It is only when we break open the box and learn the condition of the cat that the superposition is lost, and the cat becomes one or the other (dead or alive). In the case of this app, the virtual cat in the box will die sometime within one minute and the only way to find out if it is alive or dead is to shake the box.Disclaimer: No cats, real or virtual, were harmed during the making of this app.

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