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Based on Arity-2.1.6** (Arithmetic Engine for Java), Scientific Calculator 3 evaluates basic mathematical as well as nested scientific expressions, following the basic algebraic convention "brackets before power before point before line calculation", e.g.: 3.25 + 2 * 5.25 = 13.75 or sqrt((0.9 + 2.1)^2 + 4^2) = 5.The calculator provides a large history display, where all inputs and results can be checked easily. This calculation history is kept until explicit deletion.Scientific Calculator 3 is suitable for all Android smartphones and tablets with touchscreen.Scientific Calculator 3 respects your privacy: Our app does not require any internet access and is free of advertising banners!Functions/Features provides on main display:* classic operators: + - × ÷* parentheses: ( )* square root and power of 2: sqrt x²* permutation: n! (in landscape format only or on tablets)* reciprocal: 1/x* percentage: %* plus minus sign: ±* memory: MR MS M+* exponent (optional): ExpScientific functions, provided on landscape or large displays, or by clicking on the "sci"-Button:* power operator: ^ 2^ e^ 10^* square and cube root: sqrt cbrt* natural logarithm and logarithms of 10: ln lg* constants: pi 2pi e 1/e* trigonometric, inverse trigonometric and hyperbolic functions: sine cosine tangent ("RAD" (radiant, full circle = 2pi) and "DEG" (degree, full circle = 360°) supported for trigonometric functions)The rounding (half even) of the results are adjustable between 5 and 15 digits. Available notations are: normal notation (NORM), scientific notation (SCI) and engineering notation (ENG).**Notice:Scientific Calculator 3 is based on the Open Source Software Arity-2.1.6 "Arithmetic Engine for Java" (Copyright © 2007-2009 Mihai Preda), which is licensed under the Apache license 2.0.

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