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"Scratch Me" is the first and only virtual back scratch game for android.It allows the player to be in the virtual situation of helping someone be relieved by scratching their itchy back.In Scratch Me you have to find people in need of back scratching to help them get rid of their itch.When you help by scratching the in game characters, you will be prompted what part of the back to scratch and will be told which ways and directions to change scratching.You will also be kept up to speed on how the character feels by your scratching."Scratch Me" Allows you to enjoy the feeling of the scratching.There is a beautiful sexy back feeling itchy, and she wants you to help scratch her.You do not know where she will tell you to scratch with her sexy voice.You follow the sound to find a location, and help to scratch her.Can click the way up and down to help her grasp the way.When you finish helping her, she will fall in love with you-Oh Yeah! However, if you are do it too slowly, she will hate you.You have the opportunity to compare with worldwide players to see who is the best!

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