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Second Temple is set in 70AD Jerusalem as it was before the Romans destroyed it. Explore the Second Temple, Mount of Olives, Cemetary, South Gate and the Western Wall. This is not a monster killing game rather is a recreation of the Second Temple for you to explore. You can change the time of day and see how the Second Temple looked at night or sunset. In the full version you can change the weather adding fog, rain and clouds. Second Temple also has an online mode where you can connect to a server and interact with other players. Second Temple also includes Google Maps where you can see a corresponding satellite image of where you currently are in the game. For example if you are at the Second Temple it will show a satellite image of the dome of the rock. Second Temple also includes GPS so if you are in Jerusalem in real life, as you walk the game will update to your GPS coordinates. Therefore if you are walking around the Dome of the Rock then it will place you in the Second Temple.To move use your touchscreen and move the ball top left to move forward and back and to turn.If you are using Google TV use your controller DPAD to move. Also use the following keys on your controller:’D’ key to change the time of day to night, sunset or day.’W’ key to change the weather to cloudy, rain, fog or wind.’G’ key to summon a guide to tell you about where you are’T’ key to travel to different areas around the second temple such as the Mount of Olives & Western Wall’F’ key to fly’M’ key to show a mapTo play the full version with weather check out

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