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Big, beautiful lips make every woman happy. With their tempting allure, and rich, sexy colors, the lips in magazines seem to get all the attention. If you have a modeling career you can liven up your style, and add a splash of color by choosing the proper lipstick color.When you are doing your model shoot, the shape and color of your lips are very important in making your photos beautiful. Always take several different colors of lipstick with you so you can change your color to go with your different outfits.Lip Liner for Your LipsWhether you would like your lips to be full or thin, you can create your lip’s shape by using lip liner. First, you should always match your liner to the color of your lipstick.When applying your lipliner, always start at the center of your upper lip and go to the extreme outer corner.If you have really thin lips, you can make them look larger by slightly overlining, and never use lipstick that is a dark color, because this will make your lips look thinner.Choosing your Lipstick ColorFor your photo shoot, make sure your lipstick is a solid color and about one shade darker than you would normally wear. This will help in making your lips stand out and allow you to portray that sexy look.Also, when selecting your lipstick color, it’s important to remember the relationship of lipstick to skin tone. The shade you choose should have the same color saturation as your skin. If your skin tone is deep, you can wear a deep shade of lipstick and look great. For example, an African American beauty model can wear deep red lipstick colors, like crimson, because it compliments her skin tone.Cherry or fire engine red may not be flattering, with too much contrast. If you skin is medium tone, you would look great in all shades of red. If your skin tone is pale, beige tones and pinks are for you.

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