Secret Photo Diary [Free]

[Secret Photo Diary]Discreet my own story, now in Secret Photo Diary Record!The use of crude is difficult to design a dirty diary – enough!Secret Diary without guides are easy to use.Powerful ‘calendar’, photos decorating my own ‘diary’ and at any time, quickly and easily in order to write ‘simple note’ feature!Provided on the home screen with widgets to schedule an appointment, today’s diary can be used conveniently.And one more thing!Luxury women’s favorite pink design by employing a diary written day by day you can enjoy the fun.[Feature]* Monthly Calendar: Monthly Schedule and diary writing can be viewed at a glance whether.* List calendar: schedules and diaries in the form of a list you can see at a glance unfold.* Schedule: enter through notification pop-up pops the notification at the time schedule and do not forget you can keep.* Note: You can enter a simple and convenient interface, quick notes was used.* Diary: What a fun day! With photo vivid memories Why do not you leave?* Set password: Who ever let my diary if you’re worried, and powerful diary lock settings can be managed safely.* Widgets: Home to the widget on the desktop, providing easy last week’s schedule can be checked.[Future updates]* Diary backup feature: the initial mobile phones, after service seems to be erased when you diary! Calendar / Diary / Notes / Password will allow you to back up both.* Photo decorating features and support for multiple pictures: pictures decorating to create a more beautiful diary will.* Menstrual Manager features: menstrual manager adds the ability for women to health and will make sure to check carefully the menstrual cycle.* Diary background selection and the ability to change the theme: to make more beautiful your diary! We’ll add features.[Support Equipment]Android OS version 2.1 or later to support all devices. The part that fails under the ‘Contact and suggestions’ Please tell me by.[Contact us..]* FaceBook*[Update History]* v1.1- Globalization work.* v.1.1.5- Diary widget 4×4 size Add: add a simple note to the widget you can easily view and manage.- Diary GUI widgets to change!- Globalization should not reflect the partial update.- Fixed a few bugs.* v1.1.6- Enter the password that kill the bug has been fixed at the time.- Fixed some translation errors in English.* v1.2.0- Diary/schedule backup features have been added.- Diary/schedule when creating ads covering the phenomenon has been fixed.- Mobile phone reboot to get notified of the bug has been fixed.* v1.2.1 – Schedule time at the keyboard in the registration function should not apply here when the problem has been fixed.- The widget refresh issue when modifying certain properties.- Do not check the calendar reminder feature set to the default.- Preferences section for additional backup.- Modify the uncomfortable position advertising.

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