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This is an additional module for “Secure Vault” package. It offers syncronization of encrypted user data with cloud storages: Dropbox, Microsoft SkyDrive, Google Drive.Notes on this application:● It requires INTERNET ACCESS permission in order to access Dropbox server, but your data file is strongly encrypted and therefore your data is perfectly safe in the cloud● It requires ACCESS NETWORK STATE permission in order to allow data synchronization only via WiFi network connection (can be switched off, helps to save your money)● It gains access only to it's own folder on Dropbox server (“/Apps/Secure Vault”), your other files are completely unaccessible to this application (Dropbox service policy enforces it)Cloud synchronization gives you ability to restore all your data in case of:● You just accidentally deleted your important private data● Your storage medium (SD card) was corrupted● Your device was stolen● You have bought a new device and wish to transfer your data with easePerform these simple steps to enable data synchronization:● Start this application, select desired cloud storage (e.g. Dropbox)● Link with selected cloud storage (must be performed once, your login and password for user account are required)● Enable automatic data synchronization if you like● Exit this application, but do not uninstall it (it is requred for synchronization to function)● Start main “Secure Vault” application, now all your data modifications are automatically sent to your folder in the cloudIf you have lost your data on the device, you should perform these simple steps in order to get it back:● Start this application, select desired cloud storage (e.g. Dropbox)● Get remote files list on the server● Choose most appropriate backup file (the topmost file is the newest), select it and restore it● Exit this application● Start main “Secure Vault” application, now your backup data is back on the device!Important note: do not disable JavaScript support in your default browser, or Dropbox authentication might fail!Keywords: store password, secure vault, AES encryption, protect privacy, safe, wallet, password manager, Dropbox synchronization, SkyDrive synchronization, Google Drive synchronization.

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