Select Other Map for HTC


Htc modify something in sense 4.0, so this solution may not support for new sense 4.0 device with some version (One X, One S).If you doesn’t use the new OTA upadte, you may still use it.In some HTC device (Ex: Desire HD or Sensation), when you click the map icon in calendar or contact, you will launcher the Location map, not google map. This application will let you can select other map when you click this map icon.For create/edit event, I try to replace the location picker, but not work.Test success: ButterflyDesire HDDesire SDesire ZSensationSensation XLEVO 3DOne XOne SThis is just a way to intercept HTC Location, so there is no icon in apps. I also hope HTC can solve this problem.PS: It can’t support car panel, sorry!If have any problem, please email to me.Email: kenshinnn@gmail.comKeywords: HTC, Location, Google Map, Calendar, People, Contacts

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