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This is the PRO Version of our MOTIVATION & SELF ESTEEM / SELF CONFIDENCE LIVE WALLPAPER FREE!If you ask successful people for their secret to success, they usually answer: Self-confidence, faith, self-esteem, positive thinking / mindset & attitude in general is their key. We all know this, but: Can a live wallpaper app really change your mood or even attitude? Why not? It is a very simple formula: NOTHING we percept has NO effect. Remember how often an irrelevant situation or event has totally brightened up your day, or a single word or tiny happening has brought you down completely … Our environment, summarized as the “exogenous criteria” is one main factor that determines to a certain extent how we feel and what we think. This happens in the situation itself but also in regard to a long term perspective and our doctrines. Okay, a personal trainer may be more effective, BUT:He is not always attendant, and for sure more expensive. And what happens between your sessions? It is crucial to have some triggers that remind you to stay on track and practise what you have learnt or the intentions you have chosen…. So using a trigger like this live wallpaper is just much, much better than nothing. Let us look what is important to get your brain or mind believing in a message: It is important that messages are constantly repeated and this is exactly what this live wallpaper does. That’s why repetition is a learning strategy.It is also important that the messages and pictures vary a bit. This again is exactly what this live wallpaper does. This wallpaper will of course not change your attitude or feelings itself, but it can for sure contribute to a high extent.But you can as well see it from another perspective:If it only works in 1% of the cases (and it will probably work much more often) then you will have a benefit many, many times. Some people use their device more than 1200 times a month. To phone up someone of course but also to check emails, to get the time, to take notes or use the calculator, an app or whatever. So it would even be a benefit if it had just 10 times a positive effect. Especially when this happens in exactly the right situation. For instance before an important meeting or negotiation. Or before meeting the woman of your dreams. You know for sure how important it is to feel good to make a good impression to the counterparty. So it really could change your life in some situations.You don't even have to look on your display consciously: Also unconscious experienced things have an impact. Sometimes even more than the things you percept intentionally or consciouslyJust google for “subliminal stimuli” . It describes exactly the mentioned effect and only works with unconsciously experienced triggers ….Why can especially a live wallpaper be so effective?Because it uses a visual medium to deliver its message. The most important sense of human beings are their eyes. This is exactly the effect that TV - advertisements use e to manipulate us. Ads in the television are much more powerful than on the radio. Pictures work much better than everything else. Even if you’re an auditory personality type. A message in connection with an image that you can associate has always powerful impact.So why shouldn’t we use the “ad space” on our device for our own benefit. You could call it “advertising ourselves”? Let the phone become your personal trainer who motivates you from time to time!

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