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SELF HEALTH INNOVATIONSThe latest version of this application ensures compatibility with most popular smartphone and tablet devices.Compatible from Android release 1.6 to the latest Jelly Bean (4.1) operating system.This Application now contains 4 languages: English, French, German and Spanish.Select the Local Language on the device.USER SATISFACTION REQUIREMENT IS THE REASON FOR PRODUCING THE MOST COMPREHENSIVE AND USER FRIENDLY HEALTH MONITORING TOOL ON THE MARKET. GRAB THE OPPORTUNITY TO MONITOR YOUR HEALTH, AND SEE THE DIFFERENCE IT MAKES TO YOUR LIFESTYLE AND WELL-BEING. HELP FACILITIES AND SPEECH ARE CONTAINED IN THIS APPLICATION.The Self Health Innovations application contains several screen menus that provide comprehensive and correlated data for the user, thus giving a better understanding of body health needs in the way of weight and calorie intake regulation.This Professionally written application is designed to provide a useful and informative guide to regulate and monitor body fitness health and well-being, on your phone. Researched body measurement formulas are used to provide accurate and realistic results.All body measurement and calculation results in the Self Health Innovations application, are designed to be guide lines for the user, to help maintain their health.The application contains facilities for:Personal Details:Contains name entry field and 3 spinner or drop down option buttons for age, gender and measurement types. * Metric * Imperial UK * Imperial US.Body Measurements:------------------The Measurement menu screen contains facilities for weight, height, waist, wrist, neck, and hips for female gender. It also contains an activity selection drop down spinner, a calculate, reset, and measurement type selection button for Metric, Imperial US and Imperial UK.BMI Amount and BMI Percentage:-----------------------------This menu provides comprehensive BMI details for the user who requires a little more understanding on how BMI status is derived. BMI/Waist information.----------------------This menu contains a horizontal BMI graph with a thumb seek bar that when moved, will highlight the different BMI status radio buttons and health risks associated with BMI and waist size. Body Fat Amount in relation to age----------------------------------The Body Fat Percentage display provides the user with body fat percentage information based on the result of body measurement values entered. Body Weight Against Skeleton Frame Size And Height.---------------------------------------------------The Body Weight screen provides the user with all the informational guidelines required to maintain and monitor their body weight and composition. Calorie Intake and Recommended Requirements.--------------------------------------------This screen displays the daily calorie requirement based on the result of chosen user weekly activity.This screen will also contain a Weekly Calorie Difference Table to enable monitoring of calorie in-take weekly.Calorie Expenditure Calculator.------------------------------ A list of daily or sporting activities that can be chosen in conjunction with duration of activity to determine calories used. History Records for Monitoring Progress.----------------------------------------Body maintenance monitoring is perhaps the most important and used part of the application and ensures that accurate progress monitoring results are satisfactory. * Multiple Name Entry To Store On Database For Family, Friends and Personal Trainers.

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