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Here's what you'll discover in "The Scoop on Self Hypnosis" E-Book ** What Is Self Hypnosis? ** How Self Hypnosis Is Done ** What Is An Induction In Self Hypnosis? ** Choosing a Prescription for Self Hypnosis ** How Your Brain Works In Self Hypnosis ** Anyone Can Do Self Hypnosis ** Some Background on Hypnosis ** Self Hypnosis as a Method of Achieving Goals ** Self Hypnosis as a Method to Help You Sleep ** Self Hypnosis Compared to Hypnosis by Another PersonHypnosis is a proven method of deep relaxation that is used for creating inner changes in our thoughts, emotions and behaviors. It is also a medically recognized tool for controlling pain and reducing stress. The most common form of hypnosis these days is self hypnosis. This is a self-induced state of deep relaxation attained by either listening to a recording or by bringing yourself into a trance.It is fairly easy to learn self hypnosis and, as with everything else in life, "practice makes perfect!" The key is to take it easy. Approach the subject with a playfulness. Do not try too hard to enter into trance for this defeats the whole purpose of hypnosis. You are going to learn how to bring yourself into a profoundly relaxed state and trying to force it to happen only makes you tense and has the reverse effect.A major part in the art of self hypnosis is learning to let the hypnotic state take over by itself. Try not to analyze what is happening. When you keep the conscious mind engaged in analyzing you will find it hard to go from the beta brainwave state (conscious waking decision making) to the alpha brainwave state (the deeply relaxed state of light trance where most hypnosis subjects stay). Just allow yourself to relax. It is your body’s natural state to relax when you perform certain mental and physical actions (which I will teach you shortly), so don’t fight it by trying to figure out how or why it is happening.Remember that there are various ways to experience hypnosis and no two people will experience trance in exactly the same way. So expect your experience to be the same as someone else’s!It is a good idea to set aside a regular time to practice your new skills. Give yourself the gift of 15 to 30 minutes everyday or every other day to practice self hypnosis. Make sure you will not be disturbed and that your environment is quiet. You may be surprised that you do not actually get sleepy or fall asleep during hypnosis, although the body does enter into that type of relaxed posture.You may find that initially you tend to fall asleep while practicing self hypnosis. If this happens just practice at an earlier time when you are less fatigued until you perfect the technique. If falling asleep is still a problem then practice it while sitting in an upright chair.

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