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PlatinumAndroid Is Proud to Present PlatinumSkinsThis is a Skin(Theme)for all Sense 3.0 devices.To apply the Skin simply go into "Personalize" in your settings menu and select the Skin tab,from there you will see a picture and name of this theme,Click "Apply" and now Enjoy the New look of your phone!!! *************NO ROOT REQUIRED*************Please Note: Unfortunately the way HTC decided to code some of their system assets they made all the original and third party skins incompatible with certain devices and software configurations, They also broke the ability for us to provide updates to our own applications,So that’s why we haven’t created anything after 3.0.We have continued to look for a fix or workaround but so far have been unsuccessful.I get a ton of emails every week asking for 3.6 or 4.0 Skins and I would love to make them but the incompatibility issues have created confusion for users and a headache for developers and I do not wish to repeat this for each version.

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