A complete Greek sportsnews application, brings you the directness of sports radio Sentra 103,3, the validity of GOAL NEWS paper and the speed of app includes: ? The latest news for all teams in all sports from Greece and around the world ? The views of prominent journalists Goal (Bourlakis, Koukoulas, Kaisaris, Katsaros, Marinos, Braoudakis, Papachristou, Kelantonis, Mihos, Triantafyllou) ? Blogs from Vergis, Dimatos, Skountis, Stellas, Galatsis, Asproulias, Evaggelatos, Goulis, Papaioannou, etc. ? The newspaper cover pages and headlines (sports, political, economic)? Dedicated news for your favorite team ? Motor Sports? All your favorite columns from ? Ability to send articles to friends through email, Facebook and Twitter from the application.

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