SequencerPad Lite


It is two track sequencer that can be performed by editing the score of the phrase (two small knots).The tone that can be used is as follows. * 2 tones of General MIDI (GM) (Pay version:128 tones!) * 61 sounds of percussion of General MIDI (GM)Each sound becomes a demiquaver, and doesn’t correspond to harmony in the same track.Note: Pay version does not the advertisement.== More infomation == Attention for this free edition ==This free edition is intended to have you know the function of the pay version.In addition, distribute it for the person who cannot purchase a pay version.Please think about the purchase of the pay version when you can buy a pay version.When an advertisement with the interest was displayed, the one that you cannot purchase taps an advertisement, and please display it.Despite a free edition, the development is not free of charge. Because it is necessary to have you support a developer to use some contents, please cooperate.

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