Server Stats for Minecraft


Server Stats for Minecraft allows you to view statistics about your minecraft server from your phone.Charts of your server usage (graphing how many people were online on average per hour in a day) helps you work out your server’s busy hours, and quiet hours.IMPORTANT:1. This application requires that your server is running the bukkit mod ( )2. You must run our bukkit plugin to gather statistics. Your phone will connect to this plugin.Instructions:Note, these instructions assume some familiarity with installing and using bukkit plugins.1. Download our bukkit plugin at to your bukkit plugins folder.2. When the plugin is first loaded, it will place a config.yml file in the plugins/AndroidMcStats folder with some default settings. The username and password should be changed from the default for security reasons. If you change these settings, remember to do a ‘reload’ of the plugins on your server.3. Connect to your server using your hostname (or IP) and specified username, password and port using the android application.4. Use the menu.At the moment, this application charts server usage statistics (how many people are online at each hour of the day). We are hoping to record and display other useful stats, so if you have any suggestions please feel free to add them in the comments or contact us via our website ( ).

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