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Sex Journal allows you to record your intimate encounters in full sensual detail quickly and easily. A preset list of more than 200 sexual acts (expandable), positions, toys, etc, makes recording even your most exotic encounters fast and simple. The personal pleasure and automatic kinkiness ratings along with full descriptions allow you to relive your most intimate experiences as if you were having them all over again.Features include:- Password protection- Full backup and restore capabilities- Discrete naming in the Android menu- Record date of sex, partners, pleasure rating and other details- Add any combination of more than 200 preset positions, location types, sex toys, sex acts and many other categories! Aswell as full descriptions of the encounter in your own words- Add your own acts to the list if what you want is not there already- Detail sexual partners- Add your personal pleasure rating- Automatic kinkiness rating calculated for you per encounter- Fun stats (average/highest kinkiness ratings etc)(Search terms: sex,log,logger,diary,journal,kinky,naughty,stats)

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